Constellation systemic work

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What are systemic constellations and what insights can be derived from constellations? 

I offer family constellations and organizational constellations. In this area of systemic work / constellations several options are available. One example is a career constellation that may be used for private individuals and employees.

Private individuals may gain insights from doing constellations for issues such as blockages in the areas of relationships or personal or professional growth. For example, when you feel inhibited to live the life you would like to live. You could trace it back and transform it by doing a constellation. 

For organizations constellations can offer awareness of undercurrents within the organization in an easily accessible way and can point in the right direction to solve things.

How does this work?

A constellation is a session in which you, as a participant, bring in an issue you wish to clarify. The other participants in the session take on the role of protagonists in that issue. They are called ‘representatives’. In a family constellation, for example, these could be your parents. In an organizational constellation, these could be your clients. You, as the ‘seeker’, position them in the room in relation to the other participants, partly aided by the coach and supervisor.