Career Coaching

Success key - life coaching, motivation concept

You may seek career coaching to support your career. But you can also ask me to coach you in other areas of life such as emotional or physical blockages, relationships, your life purposes or personal development.

A career trajectory may consist of:

  1. Job application support and advice
  2. Mapping your qualities
  3. Searching for a work environment that suits you
  4. Exploring the labour market
  5. Retraining for a different professional expertise
  6. Working on self-confidence

Examining your career development in the short and longer term

Career trajectory steps

  • Who am I? What do I want? What gives me energy in my work?
  • What am I good at and which position suits me?
  • Which sector suits me and how do I present myself?

We will help you write or improve your CV and improve your networking skills.
We will support you in creating a good profile, for example on LinkedIn.
You will know how to conduct a successful job interview and will receive our support during various application procedures.
The result will be: a good CV, more self-knowledge, or a confirmation of this. You will be well equipped when you enter the labour market.