Organizational constellations

What is an organizational constellation? What kind of insight can an organizational constellation provide?

An organizational constellation is an easily accessible and spatial representation of an organization, in which employees, departments, customers, products or goals (represented by ‘representatives’) are arranged in relation to each other. This spatial representation (the actual constellation) is made by the contributor; under the supervision of a supervisor. The supervisor will work with the stand-ins (deputies) that are in the constellation to determine the nature of the problem and to find a solution. This is done in a number of steps.

Working method for an organizational constellation

Following instructions from the supervisor, the client will create a spatial representation of the present relationships by positioning representatives in a room. The contributor also chooses a substitute for himself and, after setting up the elements, remains seated on the side in order to be able to see what is happening from a distance.

In this way, the group, in their representation of the issue, will bring underlying sides to the surface, while the supervisor is interrogating the participants in the constellation about their feelings and attitudes towards each other and the circumstances. The patterns that lead to obstructions and inefficiencies in the arrangement are thus revealed. As a result, directions for solutions that previously remained hidden become visible. Constellations offer an awareness of undercurrents within the organization in an accessible way, can point in the right direction to solve issues and can help the client who initiated the constellation in making choices.