What is my Vision? Safety, connection and freedom

These are the three core values that are the common thread running through my services. You can also see that reflected in the logo. Safety is a basic feeling we need to grow. Many people do not feel safe in contact with others or lack a sense of security in themselves. The more experiences you have given a place in your life, the closer you get to who you are, the greater your sense of security and your self-confidence increases.

According to an important cosmic law, everything is connected. We are all connected to each other. We are connected with nature and with the world. Everything influences each other. Often when there is a conflict, or when someone triggers you and makes you angry or insecure, it shows that there is something in your life that can still heal. Some things never heal completely, but remain sensitive. The best thing is to be aware of this and to learn to deal with that.

You feel freedom when you have cleared your obstacles, when you are aware of what you do and do not influence, when you accept this and thus reconnect with yourself.

In the coaching process you learn to look at what is bothering or blocking you with a different perspective. You learn to perceive this from a new consciousness. You start to feel lighter and make choices from this state of mind, so that you will experience more freedom.

We can do so much more than we realize. But from our upbringing, culture and experiences, we have gained limiting beliefs that keep us from living from our core and talents.

These core values – safety, connection and freedom – form a star in the logo. It expresses the vision: if you live from your full potential, you will shine like a star.

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