Life Coaching

What is life coaching? How can life coaching help you? What else do you want in your life? What life phase are you in now? Who will you be next year?

The goal of life coaching is getting you to start living from your talents and what gives you energy. In the coaching process it will become visible what is essential for you in your life. What gives you energy and what are your natural talents? You will be able to embrace your potential. This will enable you to make better choices and create more freedom. You will experience increased energy, more peace in your head and body, and more pleasure in life.

A (Life) coaching programme

What is my working method? One of the methods I apply is Co-Active Coaching. What is Co-Active Coaching? How can this coaching method help you?

Co-Active Coaching does not focus on the problems, but much more on the solutions. A basic vision of Co-Active Coaching is that people are creative, inventive and whole by nature. There is no need to ‘repair’ healthy clients. On the contrary, they are very capable of finding and formulating their own answers. The coach’s task is to listen very carefully, ask questions and ’empower’ instead of giving instructions and advice.

Another basic vision of Co-Active Coaching is that coaching focuses on the whole person. All parts of a person’s life, career, health, family, finances, leisure, are interconnected and can be discussed during coaching. In this way, excellent results are reached, enabling people to achieve success and satisfaction in work and life. A Co-Active Coaching trajectory is usually a short trajectory of about 2 to 4 sessions.